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I like the way you’ve been moderating the conversation – that makes a big difference (over time) to the way that people will respond. You make it worth their while – you’ve noticed their contribution, make them feel valued.
온라인카지… (20-10-09 12:08) 답변 삭제
I just made this grave error, myself. I recently transfered the hosting of my blog and in doing so, I had to reconfigure many of the settings. I hadn’t realized for over a week that the ability to comment had been turned off in the transfer! Eek!
온라인카지… (20-10-09 12:09) 답변 삭제
I’ll add one more: Don’t make visitors jump through hoops to leave comments. Get rid of registration processes or required logins. If it’s too much trouble to drop in their thoughts, those visitors are gone.
카지노사이… (20-10-09 12:11) 답변 삭제
I definitely agree. Instead of making people wait for some arbitrary approval processs (ie whenever the blogger logs on, they’ll approve all comments at once) which stifles the conversation, create a comments policy that says you, as the blog owner, have the right to edit or remove offensive comments, blah, blah,
뉴토 (20-12-16 16:10) 답변 삭제
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I was a bit surprised to hear we’re all still playing such stiff roles, at least with this cookbook author. I wonder, has anyone noticed that in their blogging, and has it influenced what you write?
I invest in real estate and help people grow as entrepreneurs. In both I tell people how you should always work your plan backwards. As I was reading through the comments something Brian said sparked the idea. He quoted Aristotle – “Begin with the ending in mind.”
I immediately thought to myself why not work my blog backwards instead of just keeping the ending in mind. Start with the conclusion (which sums up what you’re going to talk about) and end with the opening statement which many times asks some form of an open-ended question.
더온카지노 (22-03-10 16:18) 답변 삭제
Oh and while we’re quoting people . . . my favorite quote was from Albert Einstein – “If I had my life to live over again, I’d be a plumber.” 
you appear to be A) keeping your format for replies constant so as to be recognizable and B) reply to specific questions or comments to encourage more on this subject and seem more personable.
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